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Go Green La Grange Article Archive

Western Springs Resident Raises the Bar for School Food

Many residents wish that local schools would provide healthier food to their children, but few voice their concerns or take the steps to make it happen. One exception is a Western Springs resident and parent, Jacqueline Vasan.

It’s Easy to Build Green - It Just Takes Planning

Recently, Illinois passed a law that adopted the newest energy code, and extended the requirements of that code to residential construction. However, the new law lacks an enforcement component leaving it to local governments (Villages and Cities) that have jurisdiction over construction projects. Unfortunately, most local governments still follow codes that are as much as 20 years old. It is up to the homeowner to choose methods and techniques that will be energy saving and environmentally sustainable. Here are some ideas you can use in planning your next project.

Follow the Trash

Ever wonder what happens to your household waste, yard waste, and recycling once it leaves the curb? A few residents in La Grange did, so we contacted Allied Waste and inquired. They told us that everything goes first to their transfer station in Mc Cook.  We headed over there to take a look and to ask some questions.

Partying Green During the Holidays

Parties and dinners are a great way to welcome in the holidays with family, friends and neighbors. With these festivities come lots of opportunities to party in an environmentally friendly way.   You can reduce the footprint of your party over that of a traditional event while at the same time create an opportunity to educate your guests about the environment, help the broader community, and save money!

Greening the Holidays

Go Green LaGrange! has compiled volunteers’ favorite tips for contributing to both a meaningful and green holiday season.



Updated 9-25-2015

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